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If I needed you
Would you be there?
If I called out your name
Would you answer?
Or will my need go unabated?
And my calls unanswered?
I'll always be there
When you call in pain
I'll always offer a shoulder
When you cannot use my ears
I'll lose sleep over your problems
I'll whisper words of comfort to your fears
I will always offer comfort
At every hour of the night
But when I'm in pain and crying
Will I find the offer returned?
I'll always share what I have
What's mine is yours.
I'll check to be sure you made it home
I'll hold your hair back
I'll send you to bed.
When there's no one else to turn to
I'll be there.
When you cannot speak
But need some one to listen
I'll be there.
When I cry in the night
And cut myself on inner pain
Will there be any shoulder?
Or will it always be the same?
When it is the middle of the night
I'll make sure your popcorn doesn't burn
I'll talk to you about why you shouldn't
I'll be your silent confidant
I'll be the sarcastic wit
Who makes you laugh
Despite the fact that nothing is funny,
Well, except how much I suck at life.
I'll tell you if your butt looks big,
What top you should wear.
I'll help you when you're stumbling drunk.
I'll be the voice that whispers
While all the others scream
The one that says "Don't do it, I'll cry."
"You're not allowed."
While all the others make you want to end it.
But when my self confidence is shattered
And I'm in tatters on the floor
Still speaking the voice of comfort
Will you gather me in your arms
Like a broken china doll?
Will you hold me till I stop shaking?
Until my world is right again?
I'll always offer comfort
Even as my world falls apart
But will you put me back together
When I cannot find the pieces or the glue?
I have a sort of mother hen complex. AS in I worry about others like insanely much so bad that sometimes I even lose sleep over it. Pathetic ne? And I have more then enough problems of my own. But sometimes it's just not your time to be in pain right?
cali-t Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2004
amazing. i've always adored your writing,. it works so magnificiently. i love the questions and the retaliating statements. so well thought out.
tasheen Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2004
Thanks... it's not really retaliation it's just how it always is.... it's not a retaliation... lol I have a mother hen complex i do it to myself but i sometimes wonder since I'm putting everyone back together and I know that i tend to fall apart by myself and just cry until I'm empty what happens when I can't stop crying on my own.... there's no one else picking up the pieces so what happens when I break? Does it become reciprocation?
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August 28, 2004
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